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imm assignments by order of the secretary of the air force air force instruction 5 october total force assignments compliance with this publication is mandatoryIMM Assignments on . IMM Graduate School Student Portal. Login. Login Details. Student No: Password: Login Send Password via SMS. eLearn provides every IMM Graduate School student with a reliable, user-friendly, convenient place to access all your academic material 24/7. We trust that your time with us will be an enriching and fulfilling experience. Take your first step to success by reading your Welcome Guide.

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This option allows students to either search for secondhand textbooks that they wish to purchase, or they may post textbooks they wish to sell. Students who qualify for a Supplementary exam you will be notified via an SMS. You may book online via the Student Portal. The timetables for the Supplementary exams will be released on the website in November. All Supplementary Exams will need to be written in the Supplementary period of the Semester, imm assignments.

For example, if a student fails a module in the 1st Semester and qualifies for a Supplementary Examination, then the Supplementary Imm assignments will needs to be written in July, imm assignments. If a student fails a module in the 2nd Semester and qualifies for a Supplementary Examination, then the Supplementary Exam needs to be written in December, imm assignments. If you have failed the Supplementary Exam you will have to register to complete that module again, imm assignments.

The cost of registering the module is the module registration fee of R A short course is any short learning programme offered by higher education institutions outside their formal structured imm assignments and postgraduate programmes. Yes, imm assignments, absolutely. Our excellent outcomes-based education allows you to study remotely in your own space, at your own pace, while supporting you every step of the way to achieving your academic and personal goals. You can start your short course anytime that suits you best.

However, imm assignments, each course has a certain timeframe within which it needs to be completed. Once you pay for and initiate the course, imm assignments, the clock starts ticking. We urge you to take note of the duration of your course in order to ensure you complete it within the given timeframe. The IMM Graduate School is a forward thinking institution, keeping in line with international standards when it comes to industry-relevant course material and best practices.

We partner with top imm assignments establishments to bring you courses imm assignments on current global trends, imm assignments, equipping you to take your next giant leap forward in your career, no matter where in the world you may find yourself, imm assignments.

Two of our short courses have international accreditation namely, imm assignments, the Transport and Logistics courses. However, all short courses are presented and approved by our various partners in collaboration with the IMM Graduate School and certification is industry recognised. We have also partnered with The Open University OU to bring you five dynamic, industry-directed courses.

The OU is a UK-based online learning and research university and an industry leader in executive education and upskilling the workforce, imm assignments. Its mission is to be open to people, places, methods and ideas, imm assignments. The OU promotes educational opportunity by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential, imm assignments, and seeks to be a world leader in the design, content and delivery of supported open learning.

Of course! Each imm assignments our short courses has been developed by an industry expert and, in most instances, this person your head tutor will be one and the same individual. You can most certainly speak to them on all imm assignments course imm assignments related issues via email or on iCampus the learning management system.

Furthermore, we have a quality assurance committee, a programme committee and an academic board that assists us in ensuring that best practices at all levels are set in place.

Our short courses are offered in collaboration with first class universities that are internationally recognised. In line with the regulations of the CHE Council on Higher Educationthe short courses are not aligned to or allocated NQF levels or credits, as they do not lead to full qualifications.

The NQF system is important in moving from one qualification to another. However, the short courses offered by the IMM Graduate School are designed for a different goal — to offer practical, workplace-relevant skills and not as a vehicle to move into other qualifications, imm assignments. You will, however, be required to complete either an assignment or an assessment to illustrate your grasp, imm assignments, understanding and application of the course content.

Imm assignments the important details will be there, making sure your certificate is hard proof of your hard-won skills. If the short course is being offered in conjunction with one of our partners, their branding will also appear on the certificate as a recognised stamp of approval. But who needs pomp and ceremony? What matters most is what that certificate represents and you can be assured that it will stand you in good stead for career and industry advancement.

Knowledge is power. You can add this recognition to your LinkedIn profile or professional CV, imm assignments, sending a shout-out about your new skills-set to current and future employers. It can also assist if you apply for Recognition of Prior Learning RPL when registering for a formal programme and is a great stepping-stone to further studies.

However, certificates for the Open University Courses will be available immediately after the course has come to an end. Due to the nature of a short course, no exam will be written. There is unfortunately no opportunity to resubmit your assignment should you not meet the minimum pass rate and you will receive a letter of attendance instead of a certificate of successful completion.

However, imm assignments, there is nothing preventing you from redoing the short course. We know that life can sometimes be unpredictable and that there may be valid reasons for you not making the grade the first time round.

You can submit a motivation, imm assignments, which will be reviewed by the Short Course Team at the IMM Graduate School, and a discount on your re-registration will be provided. Yes, you can! All imm assignments need to do is right click and save. Just make sure the document you want imm assignments save is in PDF format. Just click on the PDF file, download and print.

Links to the additional reading will then be supplied, imm assignments, keeping your study material at your fingertips and allowing you digital access to the most up-to-date research in your chosen field of study. Besides, imm assignments, we think lugging around heavy bags of books is old school.

We do collect information from visitors to our site, but this is purely imm assignments registration purposes and to ensure we have the correct information to issue a certificate post the completion of the short course. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and imm assignments, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer.

This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can be made aware of data in the cookie and is able to conveniently carry information from one visit to the website or related site to the next.

So yes, IMM Graduate School does make use of cookies, imm assignments, but under all the technical jargon, it just means that you will have information tailored to you and the best possible imm assignments experience. Yes absolutely! If not, you can take a look at other courses from our diverse and extensive range, imm assignments.

Update my details Event - Marketing The Future. Search for:, imm assignments. Apply Online. Contact Us, imm assignments. Not sure what to study? What is your interest? Accommodation Accommodation DigsConnect. Social Icons.

Imm assignments can students find secondhand textbooks? How do we apply for the Supplementary Exams and where can the timetables be found? With the new module amendments that have been made, will students be required to complete additional modules?

No additional modules will be required, imm assignments. Can Supplementary Exams be carried over to the following Semester?

For example, if a student fails a module in the 1st Semester can they choose to write the Supplementary exam for that module imm assignments the 2nd Semester in January and not after the 1st Semester in July.

Can a student access the assignments without being registered? If a student fails a Supplementary what is the process to complete the module and what is the cost of completing that module? How many modules may a student register for per semester? Students may register a maximum imm assignments 4 modules per semester.

What is the definition of a short course? Do I need any existing qualification before I enrol for a short course? How many hours will I need to set aside per week to complete a short course? When can I start my short course and how long do I have to complete the course? What are the short course payment terms? Fees are fixed for each short course, however, IMM reserves the right to change fees without notice.

The balance of the fee is payable within imm assignments 4 weeks after the course commencement date. The student will only have access to the first four 4 modules of a given short course and the remainder of the modules will be released when payment is made in full.

In the event that the balance is not paid, the student will not be allowed to access the balance of the modules to complete the short course. What is the cancellation policy if I enrol and change my mind? Any cancellation requests after the four 4 week cycle post the commencement date will not result in any refund of money whatsoever, imm assignments.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions? Can I speak to a tutor about my short course? What kind of device do I need imm assignments access the short courses? Are the short courses credit-bearing and can I use the credits towards a diploma or a degree? Are your short courses NQF rated? Do I have to write an examination to complete the short course? What certification will I get when I complete this short course, and will there be an award ceremony?

How will earning this certificate benefit my career? How soon after completing the course will I receive a certificate?

How do I sign in on imm assignments website? Is it possible to save the files to a disk or to my hard drive? Am I able to print the content of my short course?


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imm assignments


imm assignments by order of the secretary of the air force air force instruction 5 october total force assignments compliance with this publication is mandatoryIMM Assignments on . The IMM Graduate School is a reputable provider of higher education and offers a comprehensive selection of programmes and qualifications in marketing, supply chain and general business management. We have a solid track record of assessing, delivering and conferring certificates, diplomas and degrees of the highest academic integrity. The Sharks Academy began our relationship with IMM Graduate School at the beginning of , with 14 students signing up for their courses. In the time leading up to registration, during registration, through assignments and exams, and generally throughout the year, IMM have been exceptional in their service to not only the players/students but to us as well.